Unknown Talent At The Lane!

By Diamond Pate

Editor In Cheif

      Hunters Lane High School has a lot of unknown talent! I got the opportunity to talk to a friend of mine with an unknown talent. His name is Guan Hart. His unknown talent is dancing and he sings as well! Guan is a senior at Hunters Lane and has big plans for his future.

    While we were talking, I got nothing but good vibes from Guan. He has a good personality with plenty of energy and charisma. He’s very mellow, soft spoken, and chill.

     I asked him a few questions about dancing. To start everything off, I asked if he had any influences in dancing. Guan replied “My family and other family members.” I then asked him “When did you begin dancing?” Guan stated “When I was young.” I asked was “Is dancing a craft you were taught, or is it something that just comes naturally?” He smiled with a thinking face and said “Both!”

      I happened to ask him a series of questions. Guan then went on telling me about how he has performed for other people before and he enjoyed doing it. He also stated that dancing makes him feel better, and helps him relieve stress and also helps him get things off of his mind. Only a few people know of Hart’s incredible but unknown talent. Not only does he just enjoy dancing, but it’s also the world to him. Though Guan still feels a little bit of uncomfortable dancing in front of people, he says it’s something he knows he’ll get over. Guan also mentioned that he has performed in school before.

     As you can see, Guan Hart not has great ambition but an amazing talent. Hopefully the world will see him do great things after graduation. This reporter has all of the confidence in the world for him.

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