Attention to Education. RISING or DECLINING?

by Breyana Taylor
News Editor

Last year, Hunters Lane High School’s seniors had a superior year. Contributing to the Metro graduation rate improvement and giving students a greater chance to be accepted to the college of their choice are ways they have succeeded to this goal.

As Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools receive a 10-point climb from 73% in 2009 to 83% in 2010, Hunters Lane High School achieved a graduation rate of 96% and 86% of those were accepted into the college of their choice.

New stats have been developed, so more is expected out of those students and this school, just as well as any other Metro school. For Hunters Lane High School the graduation rate has dropped a mere 1% due to the new diploma requirements for all Metro schools.

It was a previous decision for English Language Learning and disabled students to graduate in five years, but now they are required to graduate in four. In which this pushes back Metro’s rate down to a 76%.

Dr. Kessler, Hunters Lane High School’s head principle, believes in her students because although they have developed requirements for graduation, she believes that will not keep them from achieving their goals.

As ACT scores rise over the years, she still strives for improvements. She has established that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the students 3rd block will do something called Words for Warriors. This is expected to help students on reading portion of their education.

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