What teachers were like in high school

by Jesse Carrell

Have you ever wondered what your teacher was like in high school? Well that’s what I set out to find this week. To find out what they were like and what they thought about high school.

Ms. Thomas relaking on her planning period

I decided to set down with Accounting and business teacher Ms. Thomas to see what her point of view was when she was in high school. She told me school has changed a lot. She said “There are more activities and courses to choose from.” She told me she was a smart, active person involved in numerous programs, as unashamed teachers pet kind of person.  She told me she loved school. I asked if she had a favorite teacher. She said “A few but one over all was a business teacher.” It is because of this teacher that Ms. Thomas is now a business teacher at Hunters Lane.

I also set down with Visual Arts teacher Mr. Sherry to see is views on high school and what it was like for him. He said there have been a lot of changes especially   since he went to a rural school. I asked him how he saw himself in school. He said, “As some sort of artist but defiantly not an art teacher.”

Mr. Sherry looking nice for the pitcher.

I guess some teachers didn’t always want to be teachers.  One of his favorite moments was playing sports such as football and wrestling.  He, much like Ms. Thomas, would not have wanted to come to this school.

Finally, I set down with English teacher Mr. Martin. He told me education has changed significantly since he was in school. He said “One of the most obvious changes is technology in the class room.”

Also I asked how he saw himself in school. He thought of me as a regular kid. but a strong student, who wasn’t without issues and problems like anyone else. We also talked about many other things including the kind of pranks him end is classmates played. He answered by saying “We rolled house on Friday nights after football and basketball games.”

Martin also told me about one of his favorite high school memories: Being named to the All District team in baseball his sophomore year. He much like Ms. Thomas keep in touch with friends from high school. He also married his high school sweet heart.

So as you can see teachers were a lot like us in high school. They had things they were proud of. They did pranks on others as well. So as we can see there a lot like us.

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