Dream Girls!

by Diamond Pate
Editor in Chief 

Come see the phenomenal play “DreamGirls” in Hunters Lane Auditorium Thursday April 19th and Friday 20th at 7 P.M! Support your fellow warriors as they show you their skills and abilities on the stage. Admission to come see this spectacular play, it is only $8.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids.

DreamGirls  is about three beautiful women who earlier in life came together to sing. Deena (Adreyauna Lewers), Effie (Lanette Pennimon), and Lorrell (Justice Byas) make up the trio who try to move from the R&B charts to the pop charts. They receive the assistance of their new manager Curtis Taylor Jr. who has an agenda of his own. . Throughout this journey of dream fulfilling, the Dreams go through a lot of interesting changes, from traveling the world to uncovering each other’s secrets. This play will have you at the edge of your seat in suspense and relief at the same time. You’ll have some laughs and a couple of heart wretching romantic moments as well. Will the Dreams finally get their shot at fame? Come see and find out for yourself!

        Chuck Brown the director, has accomplished on his second play at Hunters Lane. The Year before, he directed the “Wizard Of Oz.” The “Wizard Of Oz” was more of an fairy tale play where as Dream Girls is more realistic. On that note, this is what Chuck Brown had to say:

     “Last summer I rented several copies of different types of musicals – I was in search of what I should direct for our spring production. To me, the obvious standout was Dreamgirls. I knew that the kids would know it, and I knew people would want to see it.  But most importantly – the music is outstanding and the message is timeless…”

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