Past look at Hunters Lane High School

by Armando Catalan
Photographic Editor

Ever thought who walked the halls of Hunter Lane High School before you? Nearly 26 years ago Hunters Lane High School was first opened. Through the years, the school has changed and grown but the school’s message has still remained the same. “The faculty staff and students of Hunters Lane High school will provide a nurturing environment where personal growth and responsibility are valued, and academic excellence is a  daily pursuit.”

August 21, 1986 was the first day of at Hunters Lane High for nearly two-thousand students. The high school was established in 1986. First day of school was a hazard, Dickerson Road had heavy traffic. With students gathering of six different schools the feeling was thrilling and terrifying at the same moment.

The first senior class of 1987 voted on the school’s mascot to be the Warrior. The runner up to the Warrior was the Wolverine. As the Warrior being the school’s mascot, next the school colors we selected. Blue was selected for representing Goodlettsville, Orange for Madison, and White for Dupont. Each color is from one high school color. Hunters Lane High received its name chosen by Metro by being located on Hunters Lane Road.

The Warrior Front Cover

The feeling of a new a experience in a new environment was tense and full of excitement for the first class of seniors. The class of 1987 had an amount of 347 seniors graduating that exact year. With new courses, students, comes with a new faculty.

A.D. Hancock was the Lanes first executive principal. Observing more than two thousand students, Mr. Hancock had assistance for guiding his students to a better future. An assistant principal had a grade of students to make the school go at a academic pace. Leroy Wright was the assistant for the 9th graders, James P Sullins was the assistant principal for the 10th graders, Dr. Julie Williams was the assistant principal for the 11th graders, and James B Carter  was the 12th graders assistant principal.

Principals from top left to bottom right, Executive Principal A.D. Hancock, 10th Grade Principal James P. Sullins, 9th Grade Principal Leroy Wright, 12th Grade Principal James B. Carter, 11th Grade Principal Dr. Julie Williams, Connie Dabbs, and Cleve Yokley

With a new fresh start, diversity was different then than it is now. Many of the students were southern raised Caucasian students who also shared the hallways with African-Americans. A jump of Hispanic/Latino students and other ethnic background didn’t walk the passageways of the school until the mid 1990’s and 2000’s. “Diversity with the student body makes Hunters Lane the unique school that it is.”-Warrior Yearbook 1994.

Warriors of the early years had a different tastes and preferences when it came to clothing. The boys wore blue jeans, with neon t-shirts and often wore long sleeved sweaters.  The boys had big  long hair. Such as molets, spiked hair and hair like Rock stars. The girls were very conservative. The Warrior girls had big puffy hair and the halls often smelled of hairspray. Neon colors were very popular.

One thing for certain was that all grade levels weren’t allowed to wear shorts. School dress code didn’t even occur until the early 2000’s. Sagging definitely wasn’t around in the beginning. “Any individual who sagged might have possibly been the laughing stock of the school for exposing their unmentionables,” says Ms. Harris.

Students walk the Halls of HLHS. No Shorts allowed

Hunters Lane was built nearly two decades ago and although the school building still looks the seem, it did look different then compared now. Student lockers were blue and also yellow-orange. Now all of the schools lockers are blue. The walls were like a creamy vanilla color.Some of the classrooms still have its original wall paint color.

The campus had light brown interior carpet that covered the entire school except the lobby. The carpet was removed about seven years ago. It was only changed twice due to dirty shoes.

HLHS Parking lot

In the first year, all school sports activities were played away at other school fields. Sadly there was no Homecoming that year.  Eventually Hunters Lane did get various athletic facilities for the Campus. In 1994 the girls Softball team raised money to build a field for the Ladies Softball team. Four fields are located at the schools property.

There is a Baseball field and Softball field located behind the school. The old Football field existed on the west side of the school (were the soccer and football teams currently practice.) Now the football team lay in the new football/track field.

The Warrior seniors knew how to have fun. The AP English students of 87 wrote the Alma Mater for the school. AP English teacher Mrs. Harris was in the first senior class and was in the AP English class that wrote the school’s Alma Mater.

HLHS Cafeteria

Many Warriors weren’t allowed to walk the court yard except for special occasions such as Warrior week. The cafeteria had tables that were rounded that seated 8-10 students before the current tables that spilt and stand up vertical.
English, Physics, Algebra are class that every Warrior had to take. Sadly over the years, several courses were dropped. Shop, Home Economics, Orchestra, Photography, Auto mechanics, Child care, Meatpacking, and Cabinet/Furniture making are some of the courses that are no longer available.

Students in their Child Care class

Child care was a class where students tendered and cared for children that were left in school for the period. Once a month teachers were allowed to drop off their children at this class. This class was the cause for the playground located near the bus drop off.

Meat Packing was also an elective which taught students the ins and outs of the meat packing industry. Students learned how to properly and humanely slaughter livestock

Students examining a cow in their Meat Packing class

and process the meat. Students were often allowed to bring their own grilling equipment for a tasty after class snack.
Like shop, Cabinet/Furniture making improved the skills of shop to make shelves, chairs, tables, and others that came to mind. Students were able to take the skills learned and apply them towards their professional careers.

 Music courses were also demised as the years continued to pass. In the early years of the school, musical instruments were everywhere. There was a String Band, where students could practice the Banjo, Bass, Mandolin, Fiddles and many more. Several of the student


Students with their musical instuments

Fiddlers went on the road and became professional Fiddlers.

     Hunters Lane High and her students have been covered in television news and in newspaper  such as the old print “Nashville paper.” In 1988, Brian Wilson became a Broadway actor. In 1990 the Forensics club won the National Forensics Championship.

MysteryIn the 1990’s, Clay Ramane went from high school track team player to the Olympics for the USA track team. Another Warrior athlete that went into professional sports was Reggie Grimes. Grimes went to play professional football and was drafted to the NFL’s New England Patriots. Reggie played for the New England Patriots in the early 2000’s.

Several years ago, a senior student went on an expedition to Antarctica to research and study the effects of global issues that affected the south pole. This story caught local news and national media as well.

Years flew by and the Lane continued to grow becoming a fun and exciting environment for its students. WSMV Channel 4 News named Hunters Lane High “A Cool School” for many of its school activities and school spirit.

Through good and bad times, daily lessons are taught to every student that goes through the Lane. This school is a second home to all students, faculty, and staff as well. Every day that passes, history is being made. Once a class Warrior always a Warrior.

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Dream Girls!

by Diamond Pate
Editor in Chief 

Come see the phenomenal play “DreamGirls” in Hunters Lane Auditorium Thursday April 19th and Friday 20th at 7 P.M! Support your fellow warriors as they show you their skills and abilities on the stage. Admission to come see this spectacular play, it is only $8.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids.

DreamGirls  is about three beautiful women who earlier in life came together to sing. Deena (Adreyauna Lewers), Effie (Lanette Pennimon), and Lorrell (Justice Byas) make up the trio who try to move from the R&B charts to the pop charts. They receive the assistance of their new manager Curtis Taylor Jr. who has an agenda of his own. . Throughout this journey of dream fulfilling, the Dreams go through a lot of interesting changes, from traveling the world to uncovering each other’s secrets. This play will have you at the edge of your seat in suspense and relief at the same time. You’ll have some laughs and a couple of heart wretching romantic moments as well. Will the Dreams finally get their shot at fame? Come see and find out for yourself!

        Chuck Brown the director, has accomplished on his second play at Hunters Lane. The Year before, he directed the “Wizard Of Oz.” The “Wizard Of Oz” was more of an fairy tale play where as Dream Girls is more realistic. On that note, this is what Chuck Brown had to say:

     “Last summer I rented several copies of different types of musicals – I was in search of what I should direct for our spring production. To me, the obvious standout was Dreamgirls. I knew that the kids would know it, and I knew people would want to see it.  But most importantly – the music is outstanding and the message is timeless…”

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Lady Warrior’s hoping to run away with the district title

by Rontavia Hayes
Sports Editor 

Hunters Lane Lady Warriors softball team has a good chance at the district title this year. Coaches and players feel this year odds are in their favor because they have a better team than last year. With the majority of the team returning, the lady warriors are more experienced than in recent years.
Mariah McClerkin, who has been playing since the age of four, expects her team to compete with some of the best teams in the district. Mariah stated, “They have a lot of potential this year”. Coach Williams stated. “The team works hard and is very determined to do great things this year.”
The team is off to a great start. The team has started the season at 8 wins and 3 losses. Their biggest win came against arch rival Antioch. Antioch has been the team to beat in the district for years now. The lady warriors will be the team to watch.

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What teachers were like in high school

by Jesse Carrell

Have you ever wondered what your teacher was like in high school? Well that’s what I set out to find this week. To find out what they were like and what they thought about high school.

Ms. Thomas relaking on her planning period

I decided to set down with Accounting and business teacher Ms. Thomas to see what her point of view was when she was in high school. She told me school has changed a lot. She said “There are more activities and courses to choose from.” She told me she was a smart, active person involved in numerous programs, as unashamed teachers pet kind of person.  She told me she loved school. I asked if she had a favorite teacher. She said “A few but one over all was a business teacher.” It is because of this teacher that Ms. Thomas is now a business teacher at Hunters Lane.

I also set down with Visual Arts teacher Mr. Sherry to see is views on high school and what it was like for him. He said there have been a lot of changes especially   since he went to a rural school. I asked him how he saw himself in school. He said, “As some sort of artist but defiantly not an art teacher.”

Mr. Sherry looking nice for the pitcher.

I guess some teachers didn’t always want to be teachers.  One of his favorite moments was playing sports such as football and wrestling.  He, much like Ms. Thomas, would not have wanted to come to this school.

Finally, I set down with English teacher Mr. Martin. He told me education has changed significantly since he was in school. He said “One of the most obvious changes is technology in the class room.”

Also I asked how he saw himself in school. He thought of me as a regular kid. but a strong student, who wasn’t without issues and problems like anyone else. We also talked about many other things including the kind of pranks him end is classmates played. He answered by saying “We rolled house on Friday nights after football and basketball games.”

Martin also told me about one of his favorite high school memories: Being named to the All District team in baseball his sophomore year. He much like Ms. Thomas keep in touch with friends from high school. He also married his high school sweet heart.

So as you can see teachers were a lot like us in high school. They had things they were proud of. They did pranks on others as well. So as we can see there a lot like us.

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Attention to Education. RISING or DECLINING?

by Breyana Taylor
News Editor

Last year, Hunters Lane High School’s seniors had a superior year. Contributing to the Metro graduation rate improvement and giving students a greater chance to be accepted to the college of their choice are ways they have succeeded to this goal.

As Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools receive a 10-point climb from 73% in 2009 to 83% in 2010, Hunters Lane High School achieved a graduation rate of 96% and 86% of those were accepted into the college of their choice.

New stats have been developed, so more is expected out of those students and this school, just as well as any other Metro school. For Hunters Lane High School the graduation rate has dropped a mere 1% due to the new diploma requirements for all Metro schools.

It was a previous decision for English Language Learning and disabled students to graduate in five years, but now they are required to graduate in four. In which this pushes back Metro’s rate down to a 76%.

Dr. Kessler, Hunters Lane High School’s head principle, believes in her students because although they have developed requirements for graduation, she believes that will not keep them from achieving their goals.

As ACT scores rise over the years, she still strives for improvements. She has established that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the students 3rd block will do something called Words for Warriors. This is expected to help students on reading portion of their education.

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by Armando Catalan
Photographic Editor

The Dark Knight Rises coming to a theater near you

The countdown to Christopher Nolan’s final installment in the Batman franchise is nearing to its release data and fans are already buzzing with excitement. The film is scheduled to be released on July 20, 2012. A must see film of the summer.

Director Christopher Nolan is pleased to release his final project to his rebooted Batman trilogy. According to online site IGN Batman (Christian Bale) battles against a new villain, Bane (Tom Hardy). Eight years have passed in the storyline since the events in The Dark Knight. Batman, a wanted vigilante by the law must return to his city when it is in jeopardy by a new threat Bane.

Fans will see a new Cat woman (Anne Hathaway) fighting alongside the “Cape Crusader”, Batman. Cat woman, a thief, trained in the martial art skills in the DC Comics Universe. Little details have been released about this new character in the film.

This reviewer is a nerd myself, so I am extremely excited about this film because it has familiar details from the comic books that make this production into a real life comic book. Batman is on another quest to protect his city, Gotham, from a terrorist, Bane, and his plot to destroy it. The Dark Knight Rises will be a block buster with plenty of action, suspense, drama, and adventure. “ The Legend Ends” on July 20, 2012. 


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Unknown Talent At The Lane!

By Diamond Pate

Editor In Cheif

      Hunters Lane High School has a lot of unknown talent! I got the opportunity to talk to a friend of mine with an unknown talent. His name is Guan Hart. His unknown talent is dancing and he sings as well! Guan is a senior at Hunters Lane and has big plans for his future.

    While we were talking, I got nothing but good vibes from Guan. He has a good personality with plenty of energy and charisma. He’s very mellow, soft spoken, and chill.

     I asked him a few questions about dancing. To start everything off, I asked if he had any influences in dancing. Guan replied “My family and other family members.” I then asked him “When did you begin dancing?” Guan stated “When I was young.” I asked was “Is dancing a craft you were taught, or is it something that just comes naturally?” He smiled with a thinking face and said “Both!”

      I happened to ask him a series of questions. Guan then went on telling me about how he has performed for other people before and he enjoyed doing it. He also stated that dancing makes him feel better, and helps him relieve stress and also helps him get things off of his mind. Only a few people know of Hart’s incredible but unknown talent. Not only does he just enjoy dancing, but it’s also the world to him. Though Guan still feels a little bit of uncomfortable dancing in front of people, he says it’s something he knows he’ll get over. Guan also mentioned that he has performed in school before.

     As you can see, Guan Hart not has great ambition but an amazing talent. Hopefully the world will see him do great things after graduation. This reporter has all of the confidence in the world for him.

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